Wednesday, 7 September 2011

New Year! New Game!

Not a new year, really, but each September i undergo a spiritual re-awakening.

I have been playing a few porxy games of Flames of War and have decided it is worth me following up on, basically because:
1) I like 15mm
2) I like playing games, not collecting games and never having a chance to play them.

Having been loitering around the local gaming club, I've managed to meet a few players, so have decided to piece together a1000 pt. mid-war German force for next week.

Most of these figs are by Forged in Battle, not battlefront. Mostly because I'm a contrary arsehole, but they are nice figs and I enjoy them. They are a little smaller than most makes so as long as I stick to FiB it should be ok.

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