Wednesday, 7 September 2011

New Year! New Game!

Not a new year, really, but each September i undergo a spiritual re-awakening.

I have been playing a few porxy games of Flames of War and have decided it is worth me following up on, basically because:
1) I like 15mm
2) I like playing games, not collecting games and never having a chance to play them.

Having been loitering around the local gaming club, I've managed to meet a few players, so have decided to piece together a1000 pt. mid-war German force for next week.

Most of these figs are by Forged in Battle, not battlefront. Mostly because I'm a contrary arsehole, but they are nice figs and I enjoy them. They are a little smaller than most makes so as long as I stick to FiB it should be ok. Read More......

Saturday, 4 September 2010

First Stargrunt squad done!

Things that I have learnt painting my first 15mm:
*My eyesight is going
*It really doesn't matter if each mini isn't that good. "That'll do, pig".
*DO NOT USE VARNISH. The white on the bases is my Humbrol varnish melting the base. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT
*A full army/squad always looks better than an excellently painted single figure Read More......

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I wish I was a better painter.
That is all. Read More......

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Leviathan and Stargrunt projects!

I've had this mini (well, it stands 12 cm tall) for over a decade. It is from the now defunct 'Leviathan' game, and I've always loved it but never had a reason to use it. I looks like that know I might thanks to Nuclear Renaissance! Over the years, and moving country, it has taken a beating and will need a lot of attention to get up to scratch. Embarrassingly, I've never painted a mini this big before so I may have to approach it with a little caution.

As you can see, it needs a lot of filing and putty before it is painted.

On top of this, Stargrunt! I've been playing (and loving) SG a fair bit recently so went and bought a platoon of New Israeli from Ground Zero Games. The two APCs are from Old Crow.

All thats seven 8-man squads, a command squad and 2 mounted sentry guns all for 25 quid +p&h. Bargain.

I almost don't want to paint them because the promise of what they will be will always be better than the reality of how I will paint them. But we've all got to grow up, children, and I should start these this week.
Read More......

Friday, 13 August 2010

on the cheap 2

So here they are. Not as yet complete, still debating whether to use the backpacks. 2 sessions to paint, about 3 hours in total whilst watching some awful Martin Lawrence film. They are ok, I'm still debating whether to get 20 more of them because, whilst they are fine for scenarios, I wouldn't want to claim them as "my army".


My next two Nuclear Renaissance figs. They look a bit chalky, will need to put a wash over the blue to settle it down a bit, but it's going to plan. I just need enough figs so I can mix-and-match as I choose. Read More......

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

on the cheap

Saw these at this site. I'm looking for some cheap security figs for scenarios and they don't get much cheaper than this. 5 for £2.50 is not bad at all, but I tend to get what I pay for and may end up trying to polish a turd.

To Hell with it. I'll try one box and if they are ok I'll get a few more. Three 10-man squads for £15. I can dream, can't I? Read More......

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Made a 1:1 mock up of grav tank

As ever, spending time on my work placement productively:

Ok, this shot isn't exactly bathed with glory, but:

Ptchoo! Ptchoo!

Exploiting articulated design!

Note the auspicious use of pennies and coins. Now I have a tangible guide, I'm going to start making the front bit tonight. Ptchoo!!!


It's coming together! Read More......